About us

Who we are ?   B-service is online app that helps to connect clients needs with the craftsmen and freelancers skills. fulfilling our clients needs, we established a creative workspace that hosts our diverse and highly professional team for the best perception of the Algerian job market. Our goal: Revolutionize the Algerian job market and take it to the next level Working on B-service? B-service is an amazing app to grow your earning.. Boost your earnings and reach maximum clients with our app. Enjoy the lowest monthly subscription. Using b-service? B-service is an amazing app to find craftsmen and freelancers. We provide a high priority to our users needs. Find the best service with lowest coast on one click. It is almost there… As creative and forward thinking minds we like to revolutionize the Algerian job market, our target is to insure for both clients and craftsmen the best experience. With our features, you can no longer worry to find a suitable craftsmen. Through our own experience We have set the app from the scratch to insure the best user experience to our users.